Who We Are

The Institute for Voices of Liberty is a non-partisan organization. We are composed of Republicans, Democrats, those who advocate a constitutional monarchy as well as those who advocate a republic in Iran. We are women, men and members of the LGBT community. We are old and young, conservative and liberal. What unites us is our deep commitment to seeing that the realities of Iran are reflected honestly and understood accurately. We support all and favor none. We have neither sought nor received financial support from any government.
We are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to reflecting the voices of freedom seeking people of Iran. We define “freedom seeking people of Iran” as those who reject the entirety of the institution of Islamic Republic IN Iran, its constitution and affiliated entities.


driven by the self-evident credence that the Iranian nation, like all nations deserves the dignity that flows from a people’s ability to choose its own form of government, live as equal citizens under it, and enjoy the protections of its laws.


is our deep belief in the universality of human rights and our commitment to seeing that such rights are afforded to the people of Iran.


that the cries of the Iranian people are not being heard and we are driven by our humanity to ensure that the voices of liberty are restored to the voiceless.


and invite all like-minded people to join us in our worldwide effort to reflect the voices of the freedom seeking people of Iran.

What We Do

We circumvent regime propaganda to offer a direct link to the people of Iran in order to educate Western audiences about the truth and the realities with which the Iranian people have to contend every day.